Beer Tasting Box

Beer Tasting Box

The beers we are currently stocking have been selected to celebrate and share, the wonderful range of microbrewers we have available here in Scotland. The beers we have selected are from two small microbrewers in or around the city of Glasgow. The first brewery we chose was Ride Brewery who are currently set up in one of the beautiful railway arches near Glasgow central station that was set up in 2016. The second brewery we chose through a recommendation from a friend was Outlandish Brewery. These guys set up their microbrewery in 2020 during lockdown and located just outside the city of Glasgow in a small village called Glenboig. We hope you enjoy the beers included within our tasting box, along with the delicious snacks we have also included.

Ride Brewing

The range of beers on offer from Ride Brewing is always growing, including more adventurous beer combinations with each new launch. From their current range of 13 beers, we have chosen 2 that helps to show their diverse range whilst also catering to a wide audience. On offer at Ride Brewing is a variety of your beers ranging from Lager & Pilsners, through IPAs and Irish Reds to their fruity combinations. These fruity combinations include Plum Porter, Mojito Sour (SIBA Award Winning) and Citra Pale.

Our current beer selection from Ride Brewing is:

  • IPA from Ride Brewing Co (4.5%)- An easy drinking, full flavoured IPA*. They’ve packed in subtle flavours of red apple & tropical fruits. This beer is best served ice cold, in a glass to best enjoy the subtle hoppy flavours. We consider this to be one of the best IPAs currently available for purchase and we are so happy that we can share this with our customers.
  • Raspberry and Lemon Saison from Ride Brewing Co (4%) - A Saison** conditioned with 20kg of raspberries then canned with an abundance of fresh lemon juice. Don’t worry, the fruity flavours are subtle and compliment the delicious beer.


Outlandish currently have 4 beers on offer, one of which was a seasonal beer created for Christmas and loved by one of our directors, Lauren. Outlandish have kept a theme of Scotland throughout the brand, from their label, a ginger unicorn (Scotland’s national animal) wearing Sunglasses, to the names of their beers, each named after some local Scottish slang. Currently on offer from Outlandish they have Swally (Pale Ale***), Beamer (Amber Ale****) and Belter (IPA*). All the beers on offer from Outlandish are best served ice cold directly from the fridge.

  • Beamer from Outlandish Brewery (4.2%)- The only embarrassment would be to say you haven’t tried it. Beamer is a full-bodied amber ale, big on caramel and crystal malt flavours with a mild bitterness. Brewing with Willamette and Cascade hops giving spicy, fruity aromas and a hint of citrus. 
  • Belter from Outlandish Brewery (4.8%) - Living up to its name as a result of a varied malt bill of crystal, rye and cara-pills. A full-bodied IPA with balanced bitterness and exotic aromas of lychee, mango and citrus fruits from Nelson Sauvin and Simco hops. An ideal accompaniment to any belter of an occasion.

We are always on the lookout for new and up & coming Scottish microbrewers as we grow as a business, offering more variety to our customers in the coming months. If you have any recommendations for us, or you yourself run a microbrewery, please get in touch with us at

We are always happy to sample some new beer. It can be such a difficult job creating beer tasting boxes at times.

Beer definitions

*India pale ale is a hoppy beer style within the broader category of pale ale. These were historically brewed with a higher alcohol content to survive the journey from England to India.

**Saison is a pale ale that is highly carbonated, fruity, spicy, and often bottle conditioned. A Saison is commonly exceptionally dry, highly carbonated, fruity and of moderate strength: 6-8% ABV. These can be a light or dark beer.

*** Pale Ale is a top fermented beer made with pale malt. The term originated from beers made from malts dried with high carbon coke. Pale ales cover a range of beers, covering a range of tastes and strengths due to different brewing practices and hop levels.

**** Amber ale is a pale ale that emerged from beers brewed with a proportion of amber malt and at times, crystal malt to produce an amber colour.