Father's Day

Father's Day

Fathers day can be a real challenge. Picking out the right gift that aligns with the old mans interests, hobbies, needs and wants can be a real head scratcher. Not only that, but the gift you get him for his special day can say a lot about what you think of him! 

The Team at Togetherbox sat down in the office to discuss what we get our fathers for fathers day and to chat about how we could create the ideal gift to help you our clients out! Then, as we do, we put it in a box and put it on our website! 

One of the first suggestions brought us firmly into the regular fathers day gift suggestion - Ties. Ties themselves are strange things, random bits of fabric we tie around our neck to try and look neat and tidy. While it’s great to have a small selection of ties for when you need them, they are fast falling out of fashion in the workplace; and while it was trendy in 80’s you would look strange heading to a club in a suit and tie now!

Socks was the next port of call, you can’t ever have too many socks can you? It turns out that you really can, with many dads ending up with more socks than they could ever hope to use just two at a time. Unfortunately options such as adding more feet to our fathers is apparently wrong and has led to our CEO Lauren instituting a company wide ban on creating abominations of science in order to make fathers day gift buying easier!

As we went through gift after gift, tired staple after tired staple, one area that we kept coming back to was creating quality time with our dads. Memories outlast tired old ties and socks and last longer than any of the gifts that you give him. 

Some of our team's best times have been sitting down with their father on fathers day, having a few drinks and talking, teasing each other and generally spending quality time together. The gift doesn’t matter as long as it creates meaningful and heartfelt moments that show your appreciation for the man that made you the crazy adult you are today!

With that in mind we have put together a selection of carefully curated craft beers (link) from outlandish brewery, that your dad might be willing to share with you this fathers day. We have built this box to be enjoyed by two, round the table, or in the garden enjoying the sun. Make the most of the quality time with your dad and create the memories that remind you he’s not just a father, he’s your dad, by picking him a gift that you can share together.

What's more, we are adding on a variety of additional extras so you can tailor your box to what your dad likes; like rum and gin! You can also throw in a pix and mix bag to satisfy that sweet tooth. 

And if you know exactly how to customise, to make a special night with your dad, email us (togetherboxuk@gmail.com) and let us know and we will be happy to oblige!

Check out our box here (link) and have a happy fathers day from the team at Togetherbox.