Father's Day Beer Tasting Box

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Celebrate Fathers day this year with a craft beer tasting experience, featuring the beers from Outlandish Brewery. Outlandish have graciously provided us with tasting cards to include within our boxes, to elevate the experience when sampling their beers. 

All 4 beers are brewed by Outlandish Brewery, a local microbrewery set up in 2020, located just outside the city of Glasgow.

Our personal recommendation is to consume these beers from a glass, to provide the cleanest and best possible experience. 

Our Fathers Day box includes:

  • 4 Craft Beers from Outlandish
    • Swally and Sonsie are new additions to our catalog, and have never featured in any of our other boxes. 
  • Bier Nuts, Seasoned nuts designed to be paired with beer
  • 4 Together Box branded beer mats
  • A tasting guide curated by Outlandish Brewery
  • Customized message printed on the inside of the box
  • Optional Extras:
    • 2 x 50ml miniature consisting of Havana Club and Kraken Rum paired with Double Dutch Ginger beer, delicious!
    • 2 x 50ml miniature consisting of Whitley Neil and Carounn Gin paired with Double Dutch Indian Tonic water, outstanding!
    • 2 x 50ml miniature consisting of Havana Club Rum and Carounn gin paired with Double Dutch Ginger beer, trust us, this is heavenly!
    • A 500g pick & mix bag from our wide selection of sweets (we normally throw in extra as we are nice).

We thought it would be good to give you some more information, on the beers included within our boxes.

  • Beamer (4.2%) Amber Ale - Not a BMW, or a big smile, but rather a blushing red face caused by embarrassment. The malty flavours in this lovely deep red ale we hope will make you proud to be in possession of it, never mind embarrassed! Tasting notes:  A malty and smooth amber ale with a refreshing mild bitterness. If you enjoy dark and amber ales , we are sure Beamer will surpass all expectations with our luxurious and full flavoured take on this traditional styled ale. 
  • Belter (4.8%) IPA - Anything especially nice; excellent e.g. the expression 'Ya Belter' is an expression of undiluted joy. This fruity, hop forward IPA is indeed a belter, in our humble opinion.  Tasting Notes:  A Full Bodied Hazy IPA with a balanced bitterness and exotic fruit aromas. A Varied Malt Bill Of Crystal, Rye And Cara-Pills. Dry Hopping Compliments The Layered Body With Aromas Of Lychee, Mango And Citrus Fruits From The Nelson Sauvin And Simcoe Hops.
  • Swally (4.3%) Session Pale Ale. A drink or a drinking session e.g.  'Fancy a wee Swally'. This session Indian Pale Ale has a lower end ABV and a subtle hop combo; we hope you  like it as much as we do. Refreshing. Tropical and Moreish. Tasting Notes:  Refreshing And Not Too Dry, balanced bitterness. Crafted to slip Down Easily And Keep You Wanting That Next Sip. Mosaic And Wa-Iti Dry Hopping Lends Stone Fruit Aromas and Flavours With A Touch Of Tropical Citrus.

  • Sonsie (5.9%) IPA - Someone or something which is jolly, attractive or cheeky. e.g. ‘Fair fa yer honest sonsie face’ (From Robert Burns ‘Address to a Haggis ) This is a cheeky wee traditional IPA with a vibrant hop profile, a crisp refreshing taste and a dry finish. We know Rabbie himself would have approved. Tasting Notes: With a Hop bill including Willamette and Simcoe, our traditional IPA has a refreshing, crisp taste, spicy, herbal and fruity notes, enjoyable depth and a dry finish. 

Please let us know in the comment section any dietary requirements or special requests.